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Handmade Textiles

Looking to spruce up your home?   At Nasara, find beautiful handmade  home décor items and personal acessories from talented artisans from around the world. 

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100% Social Enterprise

Nasara is a social enterprise dedicated to bringing you unique homemade products while empowering aritsans around the world.  All of this is in support of girls' education and empowerment, as 100% of Nasara's profits are donated to Create Change Foundation, a charity that seeks to erradicate poverty by empowering women. 

Far Off Places

At Nasara, we travel the world to bring you unique products

Recent Stories

The Stories Behind Vintage Textiles

Many of the textiles sold on are vintage, meaning they previously belonged to an African household, and have  incredible stories behind them.  What story can your vintage textile tell?

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Supporting Malian Refugees

Since early 2012, an estimated 34,000 Malians have fled to Burkina Faso to escape violence in their country.  Many products featured on Nasara were made by master artisans who were forced to flee.

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What Donating 100% Means

Nasara is a social enterprise, that not only empowers artisans around the world but also donates 100% of its profits to its charity partner Create Change.  Learn more about Nasara's social enterprise model.

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