Nasara is a social enterprise dedicated to bringing you unique homemade products that empower aritsans around the world.  All of this is done in support of girls' education and empowerment, as 100% of profits are donated to Create Change Foundation

When you purchase a gift from Nasara, you are not only empowering artisans from around the world, but 100% of the profits made are donated to support girls' education.

Nasara (a Dagbani word meaning Victory) is a social enterprise - a small business started in support of its partner charity Create Change Foundation, which has been dedicated to empowering girls living in poverty through education, leadership training and opportunity since 2008.

With each sale at Nasara.ca, we achieve victory in the areas of supporting artisans to keep their traditions alive, improving gender inequality, eradicating extreme poverty, and supporting Create Change Foundation's mission to become 100% sustainable.  

Now that is shopping with purpose!